Tech Support Hotline Comedy Show

The Tech Support Hotline is a Satirical Comedy Show that is 100% Live streamed by comedian Madhav Kothandaraman playing the character of a Tech Support Scammer with the goal to get a rise out of viewers who watch the show live and call in using the phone number.

This show is produced by Throwdown Media and live streamed from our studio facility in Chennai.

This show showcases our ability to integrate call in systems for live shows and live podcasts with viewer interactivity in mind and demonstrates our experience in live streaming.

DISCLAIMER: This show is adult comedy and not recommended to be watched by people under the age of 18. All views expressed by the characters on the live stream are not those that align with the actual views of the actor and are for comedic and entertainment purposes only.

You can find the show’s past archives on our Video and Live-stream platform Throwdown Live