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We produce tech content, we also double it as a business service.

How does this work? Since our tech content mainly focuses on custom IT solutions (Consumer and Enterprise) on the best budget, where most suppliers/retailers/consultants often like to upcharge because of lack of knowledge of cheaper alternatives. We specialize in the most cost effective solution for you or your business and we make sure you get to save a lot. Along the way, you may expect us to make educational tech videos about your requirement to educate the public on how your requirement will benefit others as well.

Types of services we offer:
– Custom Gaming PC Building based on your most specific requirement and budget.
– There’s a PC for ANY budget, just tell us the games you wish to play, and we’ll save you a lot.
– Custom Professional Workstation PC Building based on your most specific requirement and budget. – Are you a professional? Just starting out or a long time veteran? Need a machine for your freelance work or business? We got you covered! Any use, any profession, any task… We will give you a solution.
– Custom Networking Setups for Business & Home (Excluding cabling) – We setup/upgrade your network infrastructure as per your requirement. NOTE: We do not handle cabling, cabling will have to be done by a separate contractor.
– Custom Server Builds for anyone. – Are you a content creator with a lot of footage? a business that needs a server? a person looking to build a home lab? Doesn’t matter who you are and what you want to do, but we’ll build you a server based on what you want to do.

Got something you want that we have not listed? It does not hurt to ask! Contact us with your query!

We also offer
– after sales on-site repairs free for 1 year.*
– seller warranty on certain components for 1 years.
– personal delivery in certain areas* & secure courier delivery all over India

* Only available for customers in Chennai


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